A Message from the WFWA President

June 1, 2020

WFWA's stance is and will always be for inclusion, anti-racism and unity. 

For those of us who are moved to act, here are some tools for what we can do. 

For those who are struggling, there are resources you can access, where someone is available to listen.

We ask all of our members to listen, always, with kindness and compassion.

The WFWA Board of Directors, writers ourselves, know the importance of community; it cannot be built without communication at its heart. 

Only through communication can there be understanding. Only with understanding can there be unity. We stand with Authors of Color and we will continue to support their voices and their stories. 

Christine Adler

President, WFWA 

January 1, 2020


This week, there has been a lot of discussion about diversity and inclusion in the writing community. While one organization has been at the center of the conversation, this is an industry-wide concern. 
It’s an important conversation, one that continues within WFWA. We strive to be a more diverse and inclusive group and know there is always more work to do. As an organization, we are committed to taking a stand against racism. We have always had a zero-tolerance policy against racism, and are beginning the new year by working with our Diversity and Inclusion Team to update our official code of conduct as well as our bylaws. We welcome ideas and suggestions from our members on how to continue to provide a safe and inclusive community for writers. 
There is an old expression that states, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” WFWA remains committed to helping to tackle this industry-wide problem. 

- Christine Adler, President