March 2021 Agent Pitch Event, Participating Agents

** Note: Each agent below has confirmed their participation; nonetheless, this list may change.

Amy Stapp | Wolfson Literary Agency
Amy StappAmy Stapp received her BA from Samford University and MA from Georgia State University before beginning her publishing career at Macmillan, where she was an editor for seven years and had the privilege of working with numerous New York Times bestselling authors. Amy joined Wolfson Literary in late 2018 and is actively building her list, with interest in women’s fiction, mystery, suspense, upmarket book club fiction, historical fiction, young adult, and select nonfiction. She is particularly drawn to a high concept hook, well-paced prose, immersive settings, and smart, multidimensional characters. As an editorial agent, she enjoys working hand-in-hand with authors to take their work to the next level. Find her online at


Amy Tannenbaum | Jane Rotrosen Agency
Amy TannenbaumAmy Tannenbaum is a passionate author advocate with over 15 years of book industry experience. Amy represents clients who write across a variety of genres including women’s fiction, contemporary romance, thriller and psychological suspense. She is particularly interested in those categories, as well as fiction that falls into the sweet spot between literary and commercial, and works by diverse voices.

After graduating from Wesleyan University, Amy worked at Harlequin then Simon & Schuster where she edited a diverse list of bestselling fiction and nonfiction projects. Given Amy’s background, she is able to provide valuable insight into both sides of the business, as well as editorial support to her clients.

While Amy represents many bestselling and prolific authors, she prides herself on her ability to find talented debut authors and help them launch successful careers. She also selectively takes on established self-published authors and enjoys adding value to the creation, release, and promotion of their works.


Ann Leslie Tuttle | Dystel, Goderich & Bourret
Ann Leslie TuttleAnn Leslie Tuttle joined DG&B in 2017 after working for 20 years at Harlequin Books where she most recently was a Senior Editor. At Harlequin, she was fortunate to work on an extensive and varied list of bestselling and award-winning titles in romance and women’s fiction. She is actively acquiring women’s fiction, especially beach reads and historical fiction; contemporary romance, rom coms, historical romance, Southern Gothics, thrillers, mysteries, narrative nonfiction and Middle Grade. She received her B.A. degree from the College of William and Mary and an M.A. from the University of Virginia. Finding and nurturing talented new and established writers has always been Ann Leslie’s passion.


Barbara Rosenberg | Rosenberg Lit

Barbara RosenbergBarbara Collins Rosenberg represents college textbook authors with their higher education projects and commercial nonfiction books. Barbara has a unique specialty in negotiating textbook contracts, a complex document that remains in place for many editions. The only fiction Barbara represents is romance and women’s; she is a member of the AAR (Association of Authors’ Representatives).

Barbara’s authors include Bruce Ballenger; Bob Burns; Robert Camuto; Beth Carpenter; Rita Ciresi; Catherine Mann; the Estate of Donald M. Murray; Joanne Rock; Bill Poehler; and Michael Taylor. Her authors have appeared on the USA Today Bestseller list; have won the Pulitzer Prize; the James Beard Cookbook Award; and numerous scholarly grants.

Presently Barbara is looking for romance and women’s fiction, and nonfiction by authors with a strong media platform.

Barbara accepts queries at [email protected], her website is found at, and you can follow her on Twitter @RosenbergLit.


Carly Watters | P.S. Literary
Carly Watters is a SVP and Senior Literary Agent at P.S. Literary. She has a BA in English Literature from Queen’s University and a MA in Publishing Studies from City University London. Her masters thesis was on the social, political, and economic impact of literary prizes on trade publishing. She began her publishing career in London as an assistant at the Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency. Carly joined Toronto-based P.S. Literary Agency in 2010. She represents award-winning and bestselling authors in the adult fiction and non fiction categories, and select children’s books. Carly is known for her long-term vision for her authors and being an excellent collaborator with a nose for commercial success. She has close ties to publishers in the major markets and works directly with film agents to option film and TV rights to leading networks and production companies.

Danielle Bukowski | Sterling Lord Literistic
Danielle Bukowski is an agent and foreign rights manager at Sterling Lord Literistic. She represents smart bookclub fiction, upmarket fiction, literary fiction, and narrative nonfiction. She is looking for narratives from underrepresented and marginalized voices in particular. Her favorite novels balance a unique hook with a distinctive voice. Her clients have been excerpted in the New Yorker, finalists for prizes, and have multiple international sales. Recent and forthcoming books include At the Edge of the Haight by Katherine Seligman (Algonquin, 2021), The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson (William Morrow, 2021), and The Stars We Share by Rafe Posey (Pamela Dorman Books, 2021).

Elaine Spencer | The Knight Agency

Elaine SpencerElaine Spencer joined The Knight Agency in 2005, after graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in economics and literature. Originally serving as the agency’s submissions coordinator, Elaine then moved on to head the foreign rights department, before beginning to actively build her own individual client list.

Over the last decade Elaine has placed over 500 titles in a wide variety of sub-genres across the market. Elaine continues to keep a focused author list as she believes it is important to work closely with her clients through each step of the publishing process. She relishes seeing her clients’ talents grow alongside their careers, and one of her favorite parts of the job continues to be educating authors about the market and business at large. Elaine lives in Athens, Georgia with her husband, daughter, and four-legged sons. Elaine is a member of RWA and the WFWA and is also an AAR recognized agent.

She is interested in a wide-variety of categories including but not limited to women’s fiction, historical fiction, romance, contemporary fiction, and a multitude of nonfiction topics which align with her personal interests.

Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein | McIntosh & Otis

Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein, President and senior agent at McIntosh & Otis, has degrees from New York University and Manhattan School of Music. She began her book publishing career in subsidiary rights and then took on the responsibilities of acquisitions editor at a major audio publishing imprint. Initially, she joined McIntosh & Otis to manage all subsidiary rights but began working as an agent shortly thereafter. Her primary interests include literary fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, romance, mystery/suspense, and memoir, along with narrative non-fiction, history and current affairs. Elizabeth represents numerous New York Times bestsellers, and both Agatha and Edgar Award winners and nominees.

Perhaps that's why I have such trouble limiting myself to just a few genres. I find it all fascinating! History, business, self-help, science, gardening, cookbooks, crafts, parenting, memoir, true crime and travel. Teach me something new, something I couldn't find somewhere else, something based on original research and that's the hook I'm looking for. With fiction, I love quirky, edgy characters. Send me women's fiction, paranormal, urban fantasy, horror, science fiction, historical, mystery, thrillers and suspense.

Those rare moments I'm not reading or editing or talking about reading or editing or arguing about contracts, sleeping on the train, or tweeting about industry news, I adore classic films and old-time radio shows.


Gina Panettieri | Talcott Notch Literary Services
Gina Panettieri is the founder of Talcott Notch Literary Services, a 5-member literary agency based in Connecticut. She has worked in publishing for more than 30 years as an agent, freelance editor and writer. She's excited by flawed, authentic and multi-dimensional characters, engrossing storytelling and a polished voice. Some of her upcoming titles include HIGH YELLA; A Memoir of Racial Identity, by former NBC producer, Steve Majors, UNDER COLOR OF LAW, the debut Trevor Finnigan Mystery by Aaron Philip Clark, THE HIDING PLACE, A Mercy Carr Mystery by Paula Munier, and ROGUE ASSET, a WEB Griffin Presidential Agent thriller, by Andrews & Wilson. 


Jennifer Herrington | Harvey Klinger Inc.

Jennifer started her career on the editorial side of publishing with Kensington Books Publishing’s Lyrical Press imprint and an internship with Entangled Publishing. She’s also worked as a freelance editor for independent authors. After an internship at a New York agency, she joined the Harvey Klinger Literary Agency in 2020. Jennifer graduated with a diploma in Radio & Television Broadcasting and recently completed her Publishing Certificate with a designation in children's literature at Ryerson University. Jennifer is currently building her list and is interested in representing middle grade, YA, and adult fiction. She’s especially open to BIPOC and LGBTQ voices in the mentioned categories. Jennifer lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, three sons, and two dogs.


Joanna MacKenzie | Nelson Literary Agency
Joanna MacKenzieJoanna MacKenzie is an agent with Nelson Literary Agency where she represents authors writing in the areas of mystery, thriller, commercial women’s fiction, and contemporary romance, as well as select projects for kids. She loves creepy islands, mysteries set in close-knit communities (if those communities happen to be in the Midwest, all the better), and fierce female heroines who will do anything to protect their brood. Joanna is looking for smart and timely women’s fiction where the personal intersects with the world at large; narratives about food and how it relates to identity (think Chef’s Table in book form); narratives about reinvention or the second and third acts of women’s lives; stories about the immigrant experience; and anything dealing with the relationships that make us who we are.


Kimberly Brower | Brower Literary
Kimberly BrowerKimberly Brower fell in love with reading when she picked up her first Babysitter’s Club book at the age of seven (Super Special editions were her favorites) and hasn’t been able to get her nose out of a book since. She holds a BS in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge and received her JD from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. After spending a decade in the business world, it was kismet that she found herself in publishing. She takes great pride in her client list, from the debut authors to #1 NYT bestsellers, and likes to consider them all her favorite authors. She previously worked for over two years at a boutique literary agency before starting her own. After spending 14 years in California, she is thrilled to be back on the east coast. She is interested in adult upmarket/commercial fiction, with an emphasis in general/book club fiction, women’s fiction and romance.  However, she is always looking for books that she wants to stay up all night reading, unable to put them down, regardless of what genre an author classifies it as. She loves stories that bring her into a world she doesn’t want to leave and characters that have strong story arcs. She also can never say no to an epic love story.


Lori Galvin | Aevitas Creative
Lori Galvin has been an agent with Aevitas Creative Management since 2015. Her book deals include Wanda M. Morris’s debut All Her Little Secrets (William Morrow, 2021), Cambria Brockman’s debut Tell Me Everything (Ballantine; Netflix has optioned film rights), Hannah Kirshner’s literary travel memoir, Water, Wood, and Wild Things (Viking, 2021), and Sara Goudarzi’s literary debut The Almond in the Apricot (Deep Vellum, 2022). Galvin is looking for quality fiction and nonfiction with commercial appeal. She is especially interested in crime/literary suspense, romcom, and historical; for nonfiction, memoir and foodwriting.


Melanie Castillo | Root Literary
Melanie CastilloMelanie Castillo is an associate agent at Root Literary. After graduating with an MS in writing and book publishing from Portland State University, she worked as an editorial project manager at Quarto and then as a freelance editor for several years before joining Root Literary in 2018. What she loves most about the job is the balance of the creative with the entrepreneurial. Melanie began building her list in 2019 and is actively looking for fiction and narrative nonfiction. She’s especially excited to find high-concept commercial and literary leaning general fiction—from contemporary and realistic to historical and fantasy and everything in between. When it comes to fantasy, she tends to gravitate toward worlds that feel grounded in our own reality. Melanie was born and raised in Southern California in a multi-cultural, blended family, so she has a soft spot for books that shine a spotlight on the nuances of family relationships and identity. You can find her on Twitter at @wellmelsbells.


Michelle Grajkowski | 3 Seas Literary
From the moment Michelle Grajkowski first opened the doors to the 3 Seas Literary Agency in August of 2000, she has been living her dream. (What could be better than surrounding yourself with amazing authors and their exciting and imaginative books?)  Since then, her agency has sold more than 900 books to all the major publishing houses, and has grown from one agent to three! Michelle’s client list includes New York Times Bestselling Authors Katie MacAlister, Cathy McDavid, Kerrelyn Sparks and C.L. Wilson. She primarily represents romance, women’s fiction, young adult and middle grade fiction along with select non-fiction projects with a terrific message.  She is currently looking for fantastic writers with a voice of their own. When not curled up with a great manuscript, Michelle loves to spend time with her husband, children and her crazy puppy who refuses to grow up.


Rebecca Strauss | DeFiore and Company
Rebecca Strauss is an agent at DeFiore and Co. and focuses on literary and commercial fiction, women’s fiction, fantasy, science fiction, romance, mystery, YA, pop culture and select non-fiction. In all genres, she’s looking for a compelling story, fresh voice and emotional heart—a work that grabs you from the first page.  She’s especially interested in emerging writers and developing long term relationships. Before joining DeFiore and Co., Rebecca was at McIntosh and Otis for seven years where she was an agent and Director of Subsidiary Rights.  Prior to M&O, she was a foreign rights associate at Trident Media Group, and a book scout and development assistant at Sony Pictures. She’s originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and earned her degree in English Literature from Duke University. You can follow Rebecca on Twitter @rebeccaliterary.


Shannon Hassan | Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Shannon Hassan is an agent at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. She brings a depth of business and editorial experience to her role as agent, having worked in publishing and law for more than 15 years.  She represents authors of accessible literary and commercial fiction and is drawn to fresh voices, compelling characters, and crisp prose. For women’s fiction, she enjoys contemporary, historical, suspense, and stories with humor and heart. Based in Boulder, Colorado, she is also eager to hear from authors with a unique perspective on the West. Follow Shannon on Twitter: @shannonhassan; Instagram: @litagentshannon.


Sharon Pelletier | Dystel, Goderich & Bourret
Sharon Pelletier joined DG&B in 2013 after working for Europa Editions, Vantage Press, and Barnes & Noble, and was named senior agent in 2021. Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Sharon moved to New York in 2009 but still has a soft spot for the Midwest. While her interests are broad, Sharon is especially seeking upmarket fiction, including unexpected suspense fiction; smart, complex women’s fiction; and hearty, unforgettable book club fiction. On the nonfiction side Sharon is eager for compelling, fierce narrative nonfiction by journalists and experts, and emerging voices with a growing platform who can speak to pop culture, feminism, crime, sports, social justice, and/or religion.


Sonali Chanchani | Folio Literary Management
Sonali ChanchaniSonali Chanchani is an agent at Folio Literary Management, where she represents character-driven literary fiction, upmarket women’s fiction, and narrative nonfiction. In fiction, she’s particularly interested in smart, funny novels about identity and coming of age; braided narratives of friendship and family; nuanced psychological suspense; and elevated crime fiction. Across the board, she loves books that center female voices and blend emotional depth with sharp, witty insights. Sonali earned her degree in English and Narrative Studies from the University of Southern California and began her career in publishing at Kaya Press. A fierce advocate of authors from marginalized communities, she’s keen to represent a diversity of voices.