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Debut Author Podcasts

Quick links to past episodes:

Sherri Leimkuhler (What's Left Untold)

Elizabeth Gauffreau (Telling Sonny)

 Kelly Duran (Can't Take It Back)

 Jae Hodges (The Rose and the Whip)

 Jamie Beck (If You Must Know)

 Sharina Harris  (Im)perfectly Happy

 Kathleen West (Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes)

 Alison Hammer (You and Me and Us)

Sally Suen (Crystal Cove)

 Diane Byington (If She Had Stayed)

Donna Koros Stramella (Coffee Killed My Mother)

 Rebecca Hodge (Wildland)

Barbara Linn Probst (Queen of the Owls)

Joanne Kukanza Easley (Sweet Jane)

Linda Rosen (The Disharmony of Silence)

Michelle Davis (Learning to Bend)

Kimmery Martin (The Queen of Hearts)

Heather Frimmer (Bedside Manners)

Marianne Hansen (The Unscripted Life of Lizzy Dillinger)

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Recent Releases

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What's Not Said
by Valerie Taylor
When a middle-aged woman learns her husband is chronically ill, her divorce plans collapse. That is, until she pokes around his pajama drawer and discovers his illness is the least of his deceits. As she struggles to justify her own indiscretions, their secrets collide head-on, revealing a tangled web of sex, lies, and DNA, forcing her to decide whose life to save—her husband’s or her own.


 For more information, please visit Valerie's website. 

Dragonflies at Night
by Anne Marie Bennett
At the heart of Dragonflies at Night is a tender, bright, romantic love story, and woven through it is the fact that those who leave this world for the next one are never really gone. The dragonfly is a symbol of the long-lasting connection between the main character, Savannah, and her mother who died when she was a teenager.


For more information, please visit Anne Marie's website. 

Truth of the Matter
by Jamie Beck

Following her divorce, Anne Sullivan moves with her troubled daughter, Katy, to Potomac Point. When renovating her grandparents’ old house, she discovers a vintage recipe box containing hints about her beloved grandmother’s hidden past. She’s drawn into exploring the clues despite dealing with Gram’s dementia and Katy’s alarming anxieties. Uncovered secrets shatter past beliefs and help each woman begin to live her best life.

For more information, please visit Jamie's website. 

A Borrowed Life
by Kerry Anne King

When her controlling husband dies suddenly, a repressed woman dares to explore a wider life and a new love despite the efforts of her daughter to hold her back. “Earthy, unpredictable, and wildly enjoyable.” —Barbara O’Neal, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post bestselling author of When We Believed in Mermaids

For more information, please visit Kerry Anne's website. 

Women's Fiction: Autumn Settings

Pumpkin Spice? Tea? Coffee? Grab your favorite hot cup, watch the leaves fall, and curl up with a seasonal read.


Mixed Signals

by Diane Barnes  




The Process of Fraying

by Jess Neal Woods




Hurricane Season

by Lauren K. Denton




All the Difference

by Kaira Rouda




The Talking Tree

by Judith Keim 





Where We Fall

by Rochelle B Weinstein




 The Secret Ingredient of Wishes 

by Susan Bishop Crispell




This I Know

by Eldonna Edwards




Heavy Weather

by Normandie Fischer  




Charleston Green

by Stephanie Alexander  




Hear Us Roar! Debut Author Podcast

Lisa Braxton is the recipient of a 2020 Outstanding Literary Award from the National Association of Black Journalists for her debut novel, The Talking Drum. Her stories and essays have appeared in The Boston Globe, WBUR’s Cognoscenti, Vermont Literary Review, Black Lives Have Always Mattered, Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Book of Hope.  

She is a fellow of Kimbilio, a fellowship for fiction writers of the African diaspora, and an Emmy-nominated former television journalist. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media from Hampton University, her Master of Science degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and her Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University and is a former newspaper and television journalist.

Listen to the interview with Lisa.

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