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How to Celebrate Women’s Fiction Day, June 8, 2020

Women’s Fiction Day was established by WFWA in 2019. It is a day to celebrate the authors, stories, readers, bookstores, and fans of the women’s fiction genre. It’s a day we hope finds our fans on the beach or somewhere relaxing as summer reading season kicks off.

This year’s beautiful logo was designed by WFWA member, Marolyn Krasner. The multicolored pages represent the variety and energy found in women’s fiction stories. And while sponsored by WFWA, we do not include our logo as we want the genre to take center stage.

For Published Authors

Download the Women’s Fiction Day Logo and use it to promote your work via social media. Suggest books to read, support the works of fellow WFWA authors. Use your creativity to spread the word about our genre and your stories. If you can, offer a discount on your work for that day.

For Authors in Progress

Download the Women’s Fiction Day Logo and use it to promote your blog, website, and social media accounts. Give a lift to fellow WFWA authors and point people to their books.

For Everyone

  • Support our genre by reading books and posting reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, through your own social media accounts and blogs.
  • Give women’s fiction stories as gifts, donate them to your local library
  • Organize a writing event
  • Organize a book talk or book club event
  • Tell the world what you're reading!

Share your Women’s Fiction Day ideas and promotion with WFWA on our Facebook Page, and tag us on Instagram and Twitter.



Marolyn Krasner was born in downtown Los Angeles in 1974. Her queer-focused stories are strategically designed to make you laugh, or not. Her first novel, The Radicals, is available now. She lives in New Zealand with her wife, two children and a small dog.