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March Webinar - Copyright or Copy Wrong? The Basics of Copyright for Authors
Thursday, March 16, 2023, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EST
Category: Workshops/Webinars

March Webinar 

Copyright or Copy Wrong? The Basics of Copyright for Authors

Presenter: Lucille M. Ponte 

Host: Lisa Montanaro

Thursday, March 16, 7-8:30 PM ET

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What are my rights to my creative works as an author? Can people use the contents of my books and stories without my permission? Are there limits on my uses of another’s creative works in my books? In this educational talk, author and former law professor Lucille Ponte (pen name: Bridges DelPonte) will help unravel the mysteries of the basics of copyright and address issues of copyright registration and infringement of creative works. Her presentation will also consider key defenses to claims of copyright infringement, such as public domain and fair use. A great opportunity to learn more about protecting your rights to your literary works. (For educational purposes only, not intended as legal advice.)


A legal educator for more than 31 years, Lucille Ponte (pen name: Bridges DelPonte) taught a wide range of business law and intellectual property courses. She published textbooks on dispute resolution and contract law and wrote scholarly articles on copyright, trademark, and legal policy. She previously served as in-house counsel for technology firms and governmental agencies in Massachusetts.

As a fiction author under the pen name Bridges DelPonte, her legal mystery, Deadly Sacrifices won a Royal Palm Literary Award (2d place - unpublished mystery) from the Florida Writers Association. She has also published an underwater fantasy novel, Bridles of Poseidon, a children's book, The Little Dusties - The Roar of the Silver Dragon (with illustrator, Michelle Bakay), and numerous short stories in anthologies. She has written two women’s fiction novels currently on submission to agents.

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