Rising Star Award for Unpublished Women's Fiction

2020 Finalists 


2020 Women's Fiction Writers Association
Awards Gala & Keynote
September 25, 2020
9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT
A replay of the event can be viewed on YouTube and the WFWA Facebook Page.


In alphabetical order:

Kilby Blades - Crocodile Tears

After a ten-year absence, Ruby returns to her hometown to attend the funeral of Dale Flynn, the late patriarch of a family who has feuded with her family for generations. Outing their friendship is the least of her worries. When Dale wills half his fortune to Ruby, it enrages Dale’s estranged son and heir apparent, Wes. And, in order for either to collect, they must work together to end the feud.

Melissa Lanning - Crooked Lake

A broken-hearted woman must return to her family’s struggling vineyard in the Finger Lakes of New York state after her self-imposed exile because of her guilt over her baby sister’s death. If she can uncover the truth about the 1926 disappearance of a flapper girl, she could save her family’s wine business and finally forgive herself.

Barbara Ristine - Faces of War

FACES OF WAR explores how WWI artists and doctors collaborated to restore hope to facially disfigured soldiers. When Meg Bradshaw fails to get into art school, she gives up her art. After her brother is reported MIA, she volunteers in a military hospital, and she discovers a new purpose for her art in the Tin Noses Shop where artists create life-like masks to help men re-enter civilian life.

Brigette Russell - Practically Perfect In Every Way

Dora is a control freak and a single mother whose life is thrown into chaos when her teenage son tracks down his sperm donor father. Bad enough Dora has a co-parent—worse that she’s attracted to him. Struggling to get her life back just the way it was, Dora learns that practically perfect can be the enemy of the very, very good.

Rebecca J. Sanford - Scarves

A 28-year old woman who was adopted at birth is approached by a stranger from Argentina believing to be her biological brother. When she pursues her natural identity by taking a DNA test, she uncovers a secret that her adoptive father — a U.S. military officer stationed in Buenos Aires during the Dirty War — has been keeping from her all her life.

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