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Debut Author Podcast: Zoe Disigny

Zoe Disigny holds a master's degree in art history and taught college courses throughout her career. She also worked as an art gallery director, a lecturer for The Norton Simon Museum of Art, and recently as a Road Scholar lecturer.

Zoe has led numerous art tours in Europe and, at one point, established a business in Paris offering art history adventures for American tourists.

Ms. Disigny's short story ONLY AN ART CLASS was published in The Potato Soup Journal in 2020, and her writing appears in the Pulpwood Queen's WORK IN PROGRESS: a collection of excerpts Anthology, edited by Mandy Haynes and published in 2021.

Zoe produces a newsletter called "For Lovers of Art and Travelers at Heart." You can subscribe through her website or email her at  [email protected].

When not traveling, Zoe and her artist husband divide their time between the mountains and the beach in Southern California.