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40 spots available - From January 24-28, you will have an opportunity to enter your name into a lottery to be randomly chosen for this workshop. On January 29th, the lottery winners will be notified of their registration. The cost of the workshop is $65 and will need to be paid once registration is confirmed.


This workshop will enable writers to weave the inner journey with the plot points of the outer journey to make a forward-driving story.  Through online lessons and feedback on your assignments from a small group of your fellow participants and the workshop presenter, you will explore your story in a new way. Donald Maass is inviting you to be bold, are you ready for the challenge?

See lesson outline below:

  • Lesson #1: From Suffering to Seeking
    Change on the inside is stronger when demonstrated in actions on the outside.  Every backstory wound or burden leads to a failure, but then to a courageous act.  Every flaw leads to a tragic mistake, but then to its redemptive repair.  Every quest for healing, forgiveness or wholeness is doomed to failure, that is until the positive outcome is earned.  If nothing else, seeking protagonists 1) Know what they lack, 2) do things wrong, 3) crash and burn, 4) do things right.  This lesson looks beyond backstory to find the inner journey’s most critical events.
  • Lesson #2: Building the Outer Journey of Inward Seekers
    Characters who are wounded, burdened or stuck need a task, scheme, gamble or plan.  Essential components to those are The Crisis, Complications and The Adversary.  This lesson fills in the active middle of the inner journey, showing how to turn aching into action and a journey into practical steps.
  • Lesson #3: Making Seekers Iconic
    Characters are bigger than their problems.  They represent all of us.  Their journeys are the journeys of us all.  But how does that universal quality of characters find its way onto the page?  This lesson delves into the methods of making characters iconic, borrowing from myth, literature, history and culture, as well as invoking universal human nature using the specifics of an author’s unique personal experience.
  • Lesson #4: Low Odds and Timeless Endings
    How does one create “suspense” when a story is largely inward and the outcome, in a way, doesn’t matter to anyone but the protagonist?  Can an emotional journey feel like an adventure?  What makes an ending feel triumphant?  This lesson focuses not on the construction of character arc but on building a dramatic arc.  A great ending doesn’t arrive at the end, it is prepared in the middle.
  • Lesson #5: Out of the Inner Bubble
    The inner journey tends to lock a protagonist’s journey inside a bubble.  However, there is much more happening in the wider story world.  This lesson focuses on developing the parallel elements available in secondary characters and the novel’s social microcosm.  What seems at first extraneous can become a source of story surprises and richer meaning.

This is a master-level, hands-on workshop with several writing assignments spread over two weeks. It is intended for writers who consider themselves advanced in their craft, Please see below for a description of Master Class to determine whether you qualify.

This class is for members only.

Only those willing to share their work with others and provide critical feedback to help ensure their peers’ successes should register for this class. You will be expected to set aside time to participate most days during the class (expect at least an hour a day, at times more).

By participating in this workshop, you agree to allow your assignments to be viewed by other WFWA Members.

What do we mean by "Master Class"?

This class is designed for experienced fiction writers. You do not need to be published but should have several complete manuscripts. The workshop goes beyond the basics of plot construction, scene structure, character building, and dialogue.

The workshop writing assignments and Donald's comments aim at deepening and enhancing manuscripts that have story intent/style/genre, plot structure, principle characters and their arcs solidly in place.

As a writer you can ask yourself: 

  1. Do I feel that I’m still mastering novel-writing basics?

  2. Am I still getting to know my main character and searching for a plot?

  3. Am I unsure of my genre, wondering about choices of style, or just not sure what I want to say through the story?

Writers who answer “yes” to these questions may feel that the workshop lessons and assignments complicate things and make their story choices more confusing.

Writers who can answer “no” to the above questions should find that the workshop honors their novels’ basic intents, but pushes them deeper into characters, plot possibilities, and in other ways enhances and draws out more of a work in progress’ potential.





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