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Prepare Your Pitch 

February 10-25, 2021

In this workshop you’ll prepare your manuscript pitch for agents. In 50 words you’ll work on your pitch and get valuable feedback from your peers and Pitch Event Volunteers. 

Agent Pitch Review

March 22-April 2, 2021 

Prepare Your Pitch

September Date TBD            

Agent Pitch Event

October Date TBD


WOW Media Training w/Melissa Dybwad

March 8-22, 2021

Writers of the World Media Training

Being on camera and being interviewed is not something that many writers have experienced or have had an opportunity to practice. We are understandably nervous and not as at ease. Wow Media Training creates a practice and training space for you to polish your media skills from the comfort of your own home. It also covers the gap for authors who are acting as their own publicist.

This class is very timely for the world we’re living in now, with everything being done virtually on Zoom and will allow you to become more confident, polished and camera ready.

Registration opens February 8th, 2021
Workshop starts Monday March 8th, 2021


Mastery Level Voice w/ Donald Maass                       

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April 12-23, 2021


Voice is a concept with many meanings, but to make it practical begin with a question: Who is telling the story?  Whether it is a character in the story or an observer outside of it, the words and manner of narration are, essentially, the voice.  First person novels might seem to have voice by default, but is that voice distinctive?  Third person allows a perspective with range, but does that voice bring us tightly inside characters?  Control and strong use of point of view are necessary components of voice.  But POV on what?  How much is too much?  Learn the secret art of gripping readers in this hands-on workshop with longtime WFWA instructor Donald Maass.

You Can Love Your Writing Life w/ Kerry Schaffer

July 12-21, 2021

You Can Love Your Writing Life

You Can Love Your Writing Life employs powerful transformational techniques to help you form an alliance with your inner critic, find your focus, heal from burnout, make peace with your writing career, and create a writing life you love.

This is an interactive training that will teach you to recognize and counteract the pervasive (and often sneaky) fear that lies behind destructive self-talk, procrastination, problems with focus, burnout, envy, and almost everything that steals the joy from your creative life.


*Title and dates subject to change.

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